Meeting the one

Before working with Sarah, I had this idea in my head that I will need to have a great career, perfect body and everything else before someone could love me. Within just 7 days of working with Sarah – I met the guy who is now my boyfriend. I am now experiencing immense joy and gratitude. I am in awe of how quickly I experienced a change. 5 months later, we are finding more and more reasons to be happy and we enjoy each other’s company – just when one would think the romance would start to fade.

When I met him I didn’t even have a job and I wasn’t in “perfect” shape, but he still liked me and now he loves me. I never in my life would have thought this could happen – to me. VINEETA JAKHAR

The spark is back!

Before I met Sarah my life had no direction, I was at rock bottom having never fully recovered from the break up of my marriage and 16 year relationship. I didn’t know who I was, I had no goals or ambition I was just simply existing and going through the motions of everyday life.

Since working with Sarah I have re-connected with myself, become more mindful of my behaviour and brought back that spark in my personality I always knew I had.

For the first time in my life I am excited about what the future holds for me. I am growing as a person each and everyday and I like what I see. A strong, independent, confident and positive woman who is ready to take on the world!

Thank you Sarah, you are truly an inspiration, someone I admire and I am so grateful to have met you xx KYLIE WEARNE

Life-changing, motivating, and I feel better than ever!

Before I met Sarah, I was struggling to get over my recent engagement ending and was in a 9-5 corporate job I disliked. I had seen counselors, therapists, done lots of personal development and soul-searching in the past, yet for some reason, I was never able to put the knowledge I learned to use and my life was staying the same. Sarah’s coaching style was very “holistic” and addressed all aspects of my life that were contributing to my unhappiness. After only a few sessions, my purpose in life became clear. I quit my job, started my own business, and more optimistic about meeting the man of my dreams.

Most of all, I am now excited every day I get to wake up to my new life!” NICOLE TURNER

I now value and understand my self worth

Before I met Sarah I felt hopelessly unenthusiastic about life and relationships. I was scared of being alone and could feel myself becoming desperate to fulfill that need of wanting to be in a relationship. I was prepared to sacrifice my happiness in order to meet perfection. I would fill my needs by spending lots of money and was losing a lot of sleep — I didn’t believe that meeting my soul mate was possible. As a direct result of working with Sarah I’ve had several shifts in my thinking – I now realize that…I’m worthy of being happy and not settling for anything less.

This is extremely valuable to me. I now value and understand my self worth — I see the world through very optimistic eyes. It just couldn’t have happened without Sarah’s mastery. EVON KHANGURA

Getting Unstuck!

I came to Sarah after reaching a fairly low point in my life. I felt stuck, confused, and unable to push through the fear that was holding me back form truly living a fulfilling life.

Through our work together I was able to get back to the core of who I was, what I valued and find a deep calm and sense of self.

We worked to identify what it was that was holding me back and make meaningful steps to address these. As someone who struggles with organization and structure, I loved her ability to create a goal oriented action plan that was realistic and measurable.

Sarah is incredibly knowledgable and has a calming presence.

One minute in the room with her and you’ll feel totally at ease!

My personal journey is just beginning, and I can’t wait to see what my life has to offer as Sarah helps me continue on my path of personal growth. ANNELIES VAN DAM

It’s like talking to a best friend

Sarah is an extremely genuine, guiding and understanding person. It’s like talking to a best friend. Before I met Sarah I felt quite lost, unconfident and unsure. There were days where I couldn’t pull myself out of a self-loathing fog. I was continually repeating the same behaviours without any positive changes. As a direct result of working with Sarah I now trust and believe in myself. I’ve quit my job and started my own business confidently! The techniques Sarah taught me are some of the best information I’ve ever received. These days I’m chasing my dreams, loving and accepting myself for who I am and because of this I’m more loving and understanding of my family, friends and even strangers! CARINA CHAMBERS

I now have 100% control and ownership…

Sarah is extremely genuine and warm. Before I met her — I had reignited my spiritual journey after losing my way for a few years, I was someone so busy focusing on the happiness of others that I forgot about me. My self worth and self love had taken a big hit and I was really not accomplishing anything. I was busy ‘repelling love’ based on past experiences — Sarah helped me open up and discover the missing piece of my puzzle, I see now what is important and how to incorporate a much more simplier, happy life, a life without feeling unhappy and ‘stuck’. I am now clear of the reasons why I hadn’t attracted my soul-mate and I now have the tools on board to reframe my thinking and what I have to do exactly to meet an ‘amazing man’ and live my dream life. SARA CULHANE


I was in a very bad place just after a very traumatic break-up when I started working with Sarah. The impact she made on me is just fabulous. Not only I moved on, I discovered the real meaning of self-worth and self-love while working with her. We touched my past traumas and broke my patterns then designed a life for me to achieve. I am totally in a very different beautiful place now. SELENE HARE

No more questioning the why

What I love about Sarah’s personality is she is so Positive and grounded. Before I met Sarah I was always questioning the why. Trying to see why people would not see my point of view. I wanted to find balance in all components of my life and not worry about the ‘what if’s’ all the time. After working with Sarah I know realize that I am worth it.

This is extremely valuable to me because I’ve always questioned whether I am good enough, not only in work but in all areas of my life and now I know that I am. I feel content, happy and definitely a sense of tranquillity. This has had a big impact, as I’ve been able to make decisions in my life that I don’t think I would have made prior to Sarah’s coaching. SILVIA POTHOVEN

A discreet and powerful guidance simplifying what I was fearing to be complicated

I found my whole journey under Sarah guidance as an enriching and powerful experience. Being at a phase of my life where being ready for a relationship was becoming crucial, I did overcome my fear of rejection and built up confidence to move forward. Sarah has the ability to create trust from the very beginning which is obviously very important to have a successful outcome. SOPHIA BERTHIER



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