5 Ways To Meet Guys Without Online Dating

It occurred to me the other day when I met a guy in the lift in my shared office space in Melbourne, just how easy it can be to meet available men, when you’re available.

What do I mean by ‘available’? Cause you might be thinking I am available and I still never meet any guys outside of Tinder!

The kind of availability I’m talking about is energetic.

Your energy is putting yourself out there

It’s an openness inside that isn’t just what you’re saying to yourself, it’s how you feel.

And this feeling, is like your energy radiating out from the inside and it’s your intention for others to feel it.

This changes your energetic frequency so you’re vibrating on a different level. This lets men know that you’re open to talking to them.

So guess what happens? They talk to you!

As was the case the other day in the lift for me when I met Simon…a 35 year old single guy who owns his own business.

Now it’s not just your energy, it’s the strategies that go with it.

Here’s 5 of my favourites that always work.

They’ve meant I’ve never used internet dating and never been single for the last 10 years except when I’ve chosen to (sometimes you just need some time out in the monastery!).

1. Go out on your own

Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that you can only go out with your single girlfriends. In fact this will repel men even more if you and your friends don’t have the right energetic vibration together. Men can smell desperation a mile off, so pluck up the courage and do things on your own instead.

2. Smile

This welcomes men in and let’s them know you’re happy to have a chat. Worst case scenario is that he smiles back!

3. Be Open

Set your intention to being more open. This means sharing more about yourself and preferably something meaningful. Whatever that is for you at the time. It actually doesn’t matter as long as there is energy behind it and it’s important to you. So that means no talking about the weather or other insignificant small talk. Get straight to the nitty gritty of your life and watch how you instantly have a connection.

4. Appreciate Where You’re At In The Moment

Stay where you are in the moment. Be vigilant with your mind and if it wanders off onto thoughts, emotions, or sensations, bring it back and refocus on what’s going on right now. Your presence will enhance your appreciation of each moment (particulalrly when you ‘look’ for good things) and increase your vibrational energy which guys pick up on making you more attractive.

5. Start Conversation

After you’ve smiled, why not introduce yourself? Hi I’m Sarah, it’s nice to meet you. Not so hard….and guys are usually so taken aback by your confidence that they immediately take notice and reciprocate.

And lastly, PLEASE ladies – No pressure! Take the view that you just want to be friends with a guy rather than thinking about the next thing before you’ve even gone on one date!

So that’s my top tips for meeting guys and having a connection anywhere, anytime all without using online dating.

If you want some personal help from me, I’m looking for two women right now who are ready to ‘call in the one’. If this sounds like you, Apply For A Complimentary Call. What have you got to lose?

Speak soon!

Sarah xo



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