Calling in “The One”

Something interesting happened a few weeks ago…

After having gone through my own 7 Step Soul-Mate Attraction Formula this year, I decided it was TIME.

Time to meet ‘The One’.

I was ready.

I could feel my readiness increasing over the last few months as I continued to create “Space” by cleaning up any residual hurt I was holding onto from my previous relationship that I ended earlier this year.So roughly 4 weeks ago, I felt a shift in my energy and knew I was ready to call in my Divine Partner.

Here’s what I did:

  • Got crystal clear on exactly how I wanted to feel in this relationship and what the essence of this would mean to me
  • Focused on connecting with my True Self every day through meditation and journalling
  • Let go of any past hurt I was secretly holding onto
  • Practiced being kind to myself – no more negative self talk
  • Ensured that I was always aware of whether I was operating out of Love or Fear – and if Fear popped up, I changed it immediately with my thoughts.

Now for the clincher – I stated my intention out loud and told the Universe “I am ready“.

And I REALLY meant it. Not like 90% with 10% still worried about what it might mean to ACTUALLY be in that kind of relationship. Like 100%. Mind, Body and Soul completely aligned.

And Guess What? He came into my life 5 days later.

5 Days.

He rang me and made a ‘Declaration of Love’. Sean was an ex-boyfriend from 2 years ago who I’d stayed in touch with but wasn’t considering could ever be ‘THE ONE’. Until that Sunday 4 weeks ago.

And he’s EVERYTHING I could have asked for… and more.

Why is he NOW ‘The One’ you might be asking…


Timing is everything. You see this time — i’m not carrying all the old hurt and fear, my basis of operation is now purely from Love. And this was the case BEFORE I called Sean into my life. And that’s why a Divine loving connection was able to show up for me. Not one based on Fear or the need to fill any sort of gap in my life.

Your Soul-Mate is out there and could walk right by without you even realising it. Because when you haven’t cleared your Emotional Baggage and Created The Space in your life, you won’t see each other. Any hurt and fear you’re carrying around will simply act like clouds to obscure your view.

But when you do create the space — he’s going to show up, and quickly!

I’ve now used this formula to call in my first Marriage, my last long term relationship (which was a whisker away from being another marriage) and I’ve now done it again.

Want some personal guidance about calling in your Soul-Mate? Drop me a note at I’d love to hear from you!


With so much love x



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