Apr 6, 2017

How will you know it’s ‘him’ when you meet him?

Will your eyes lock across the room and you’ll feel that instant spark between you. Will it be almost palpable the connection between you… Electric like a current flowing freely.

And when you speak for the first time, will you have this resonance that you can’t quite put your finger on?

Everything that he talks about seems fascinating to you and vice versa. The conversation seems effortless. Like the main channel of a river flowing uninterruptedly.

It’ll be easeful won’t it? Your energy together complimenting each other and bringing out the best in the other. You’ll feel like two peas in a pod. Like you’ve known each other a long time.

The dynamic excites you….as it does him. It’s like a game neither of you have played before but one you both know the rules for.

This blossoming lust soon becomes love and you wonder how you ever lived a day without him. Your knight in shining armour, the hero who makes your life sooooo much easier than before. He just fits right into your world.

The last missing piece of the puzzle.

Oh how you’ve waited for this day to come…and it’s finally arrived!

Your patience has paid off, as has the trust and connection you cultivated with yourself through meditation and self compassion.

Those times when you doubted yourself, wondering “will it ever happen for me”?

You can say goodbye to that time and yes to your intuition which has paid off once again. This inner ‘knowing’ or wisdom that we all have.

And all you did to tune into it was quiet the noise ‘out there’ in your outside world. This meant you could hear the voice of the Universe speaking through you. Through your thoughts, words and actions that became so clear and luminous. Like clear light in an empty jar.

Your true nature…. clear right from the start. Luminous and bright. Never needing to do anything to prove itself but simply trusting in the path that was being shown.

That path was here from the day you were born. The one that has no specific direction but yet all directions.

The all seeing, all knowing version of yourself that can’t ever make a wrong move because wrong doesn’t exist separate to right. They’re just two sides of the same coin. Cut from the same stone. No actual difference, just what appears to us, so we can tell them apart.

So go forth and connect with your intuition, the ‘knowing’ wisdom aspect of yourself as much as possible. For this will be the key that unlocks ultimate reality and everything you’ve ever wanted.

In love,

Sarah xo



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