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The Art of Flirting – Top 5 Tips

Tried and tested flirting techniques that have kept me out of single town for the last 10 years!

Believe it or not I’ve NEVER used internet dating.

And one of the major reasons why…. is that I decided to become good at flirting.

Now why is it soooo important that you know how to turn the flirt on with men when it matters?

Well if we want a man to know that we’re interested, we need to send the right signals. And quite simply, if you don’t send the signals, then men don’t quite get it sometimes!

Recently, I taught Sarah Swain from The Daily Telegraph’s ‘Single in Sydney’ how to use these techniques and ‘Wow’ did she get some good results! You can read all about her success here or watch the video below to learn the top 5 Tips in The Art of Flirting.

Whether you consider yourself to be pretty confident or you think you suck at flirting, try these techniques and let me know how you get on.

1. Open Body Language

Men want to know that you’re approachable and available. Be relaxed and open when talking. No arm crossing!

2. Eye Contact

Bite the bullet and make eye contact with every guy you like the look of as soon as you walk into a bar or even when you walk down the street! This let’s men know you’re interested and gives that air of confidence that is oh so sexy…

3. Smile!

It’s hard to feel sad when you’re smiling and men pick up on your energy. So walk along smiling or smile at guys in the bar and you’ll be amazed how many smile back.

4. Hair twirling

When you’re speaking to a guy, twirl or touch your hair every now and then. This sends a subconscious signal to men that you’re interested. Couple this with eye contact and a smile…Winner!

5. Slight physical contact

Men’s love language is more physical than ours, so a very slight touch on the shoulder (or knee) when he makes you laugh, will send the right message.

When you couple all of my Top 5 together, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to meet men you like and get asked out on dates #notinderrequired.

They were my Top 5 Tips for the Art of Flirting. If you’d like more hands on practical advice, come on over to and join one of our Workshops.

Can’t wait to meet you there!

With love
Sarah xo



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