The Art of Conversation – Top 3 Questions

I like to think of great conversation as The Art of Connection.

What got me thinking about this recently was an ABC Radio event that I was asked to be on the panel for. A Sydney Singles event centred around The Art of Conversation.

But why is there so much talk about conversation?

Well how we communicate is the basis of all relationships. And not just romantic ones. But every interaction (or conversation) we have with someone is an opportunity for Connection. So becoming a master at conversation, allows you to be a Master Connector. And as human beings we are all craving Connection.

This means you can literally connect with anyone, anywhere at anytime if you simply know the Art of Conversation.

The one question I get most often is:

What questions should I ask?

Knowing the right questions is a key ingredient for great conversation. By asking powerful questions, you show the other person you are genuinely interested in who they are. If you couple that with active listening and reflection, the other person is likely to feel heard, understood and valued. This is a Win Win and a powerful energetic connector.

Here are 3 Types Of Powerful Open Questions

1. Why

This type of question talks to somebody’s bigger vision – the reasons Why they want to do something, create something or Why something is important to them.

For example:
 – Why is it important for you to create that?
 – Why do you want that?
 – Why would that help you?
 – Why did you decide to do that?

2. What

What questions give more detail and allow for options or possibilities to be discussed. This is a lateral plane of thinking.

For example:
 – What are your options?
 – What does that mean to you?
 – What else have you considered?

This gives you further insight into someone’s decision making strategy and in a dating context will help you see what they’ve been thinking about to get them to where they are today. In this way, you’ll have a better feeling for whether you resonate with how they think and the reasons for their decisions.

3. How

This is where we get into the nitty gritty. Down into the detail. How questions are the execution of any one of your options.

The types of How questions you could ask are:
 – How does make you feel?
 – How could you go about doing that?
 – How does that fit into your overall goals?

Asking Why, What and How questions allow you to take conversation to a deeper level with someone immediately and create an instant connection. Just don’t forget to listen and reflect back the answers they give you before going onto the next question!

That is the beginning of the Art of Conversation and the key questions to ask in order to create connection.

If you’d like some extra help creating deeper more meaningful connections, just send me an email here. I’d love to hear from you!

With love

Sarah xo



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