April 18, 2019

5 Tips To Overcome Resistance To Meditation

How do you overcome resistance to meditating at home?

This question came up at a class I was teaching this week and can be relevant to everyone (even me at times!)

Maybe you find it hard to sit and quiet your mind or perhaps you schedule in meditation but then always find an excuse not to do it.

Because I’ve had to overcome my own resistance to Meditation (which was extreme), I’m happy to share with you the tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

Picture this – you grow up with parents who LOVE meditation. They meditate every day. They have a shack in the back garden dedicated just for meditating and when they’re in there, you’re in the house with your older brother who loves nothing more than to pick on you!

Due to these circumstances over many years, you develop a huge dislike for meditation. In fact your mind has an association with meditation being a scary time. This fear builds a resistance inside you, where simply the mention of the word makes you angry.

This was me up until 5 years ago. So to say I had some resistance to learning to meditate would be an understatement.

Here is the first lesson I learnt…

1.) Come up on your mind slowly

The mind is often described as a wild Elephant – it’s Smart, Strong and Spooks easily. This means you have to treat it with respect and move very slowly with it. So if you’re noticing that you want to meditate but aren’t doing it, try starting with 2 minutes a day. An app like Headspace will help you work your way up to 10 minutes a day.

2.) Remind yourself ‘why’ you’re doing it

I always set an intention for my practice each day so I stay focused on WHY I’m doing it. Perhaps you want that quiet time to reconnect to yourself, to calm your chatty mind or simply to help you down regulate your anxiety (a.k.a relax). Whatever reason you have for wanting to meditate remind yourself before you begin so it doesn’t feel aimless just to sit there.

3.) Book end your practice with positive reinforcement

Before you sit down to meditate, tell yourself how you’re going to feel once you do it (ie I’m going to feel so much more relaxed after I do this…). Then after you’ve completed the meditation reflect on how you actually feel (ie I feel so much more relaxed now). Your self talk is extremely important in the set up and finish because you’re conditioning your mind by using this technique of positive reinforcement. You’ll notice it becomes easier each time you do it.

4.) Feel the resistance and do it anyway

This is where a little self discipline comes in. Like developing any new habit, repetition and consistency pays off. What we’re essentially saying here is NO EXCUSES. Don’t buy into the stories that your mind is telling you. All the reasons it’s making up not meditate. This will only keep you stuck and feeling bad about yourself.

5.) What we resist persists

You may have noticed that when we put things off, our resistance to them builds up and a molehill can turn into a mountain in a very short time. Rather than letting this happen, shine the torch on your resistance by looking into with self inquiry. Ask yourself what is it about meditating that seems so scary/feels so uncomfortable… You’ll notice the more you question yourself, the more you’ll see that the resistance is based on stories your mind has made up to keep you stuck. And these are the same stories that are keeping you stuck in other areas of your life too.

Breaking through your meditation resistance by sitting for just a few minutes a day will help you to dissolve all resistance in your life, just one meditation at a time. It’s a flow on effect…how you do anything is how you do everything!

Walking beside you each and every day.

With love

Sarah xo

Relationship & Wellness Coach | Creator Soul-Mate Magnetism

P.S if you’d like some personal help overcoming resistance to meditation or anything in your life, reach out to me here



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Instagram post 2170116817347232908_1688634438 ‘We need to have the love of starting with the discipline of finishing’ - @marieforleo .
A perfect reminder, as this is something I have typically struggled with.  I have so many ideas which I’m great at starting but then fail to keep the momentum going and stick with them 💃. .
Big thanks to @businesschicks for putting on a great event last week ❤️🙏.
Instagram post 2110038789586226099_1688634438 Now is the time. Don’t wait a moment longer to become who you know you are destined to be. We must let go of all the ideas of who we think we ‘should’ be, in order to step into the possibility of becoming who we could be. Let’s do it together 😌❤️x
Instagram post 2082339406950638347_1688634438 It’s so easy to worry about what others think of us and interesting how rarely we believe they’re thinking nice things about us!
I’ve recently taken to reminding myself that what happens in other people’s minds is actually none of my business. Whether they think nicely or otherwise about me is completely out of my control...
Worrying about something I can’t change is a waste of time and energy. Instead I prefer to focus on my own thoughts about myself. Because these are the ones that matter most and I can always change them! .
Sx ❤️
Instagram post 2078657947849004025_1688634438 Loving my new threads from @lizzie_moult 🙏😍 #best #tshirt #organic #cotton #wildsuccesslive #livingabravelife
Instagram post 2075802097887383456_1688634438 So often I make things waaayyy more complicated than they need to be!
So I’m practicing letting everything be easy and taking the path of least resistance.
This is taking some time for my mind to reprogram and allow life to be easeful every moment. But I’m committed! 👊
Instagram post 2074412155261077908_1688634438 Continuing to get out of my own way by letting go rather than holding on, pushing or driving is a continual lesson that I keep on learning.
My latest manifestation of this was a moment a week or so ago of inspiration to do a Masters in the US. It was super last minute with the course starting in 8 weeks. I had to work really hard to get my application and all the associated bits and pieces rushed through. I was exhausted. This should have been enough of a red flag for me! But no...my taurean determination 😳 kicked in and wanted to give it everything. Having done and given it all I had, I surrendered the outcome to the Universe... and got knocked back! I didn’t get in. All that efforting and energy spent pushing uphill for the last week and a half. .
It is clear to me now that I’m actually already on the right path doing what I’m doing right here in sleepy Byron Bay 😌 and there was no need to ‘do’ anything else other than simply keep being present in the here and now.
It’s clear to me AGAIN - that when things are right they’re EASY! And that my pushing, blocks the natural flow of energy that is already right here in this very moment.
Warm hugs, Sarah ❤️xo
Instagram post 2062017934847768958_1688634438 Hi 👋 I’m Sarah. I’ve been finding it hard lately to articulate what I do when people ask me since I do a number of things. And I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I really value and what Living A Brave Life stands for. So I thought I’d give it a shot today. .
Connection, Courage, Curiosity. This is the mantra of Living A Brave Life. As a Soul-Connector and Meditation teacher, I help others to develop a healthy relationship with themselves so they can have fulfilling relationships with others. In an increasingly disconnected world; anxiety, loneliness and feelings of isolation are becoming more common. These symptoms of 'disconnection' block the energy with ourselves, stopping us from connecting with others. Through whole hearted relational coaching and mind mastery meditation, I take people on the journey back to their true selves. Fusing the best of Science & Spirituality, either one on one or in small group workshops, I've had the privilege of working with people all over the world in helping them to live a brave life.
Hope that makes it a bit clearer! 🤗❤️
Instagram post 1987675979557126173_1688634438 This lovely book by @akalpritam is a beautifully illustrated heart felt guide to peace and happiness 💕 pick one up @taigarose if you’re in Byron.
#selflove #happiness #peace #wisdom #truth #chakras #love #livingabravelife #spirituality #yoga #meditation #buddhism #universe #byronbay
Instagram post 1980869925028678517_1688634438 Freedom isn’t something you get from outside. 
It’s liberation from within...freeing yourself from your old thought patterns and behaviours. 
Now that’s true freedom 🙏❤️
#livingabravelife #meditation #freedom #truth #wisdom #spiritual #buddhism #yoga #universe #byronbay #quoteoftheday #sunday
Instagram post 1978007254751189759_1688634438 Learn to meditate with me in Byron Bay.  DM for details 💕
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Instagram post 1976443033240442348_1688634438 Monday #inspiration 😍 @byron_beach_abodes .
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Instagram post 1967404728347677863_1688634438 Join me in this lovely space @thenimbusco in Byron Bay on Wednesday at 5.15pm for a 45min guided Meditation class 💕


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