Online Dating – Does It Work?

A few months ago I had two women come to my Soul-Mate Magnetism Weekend Workshop and they both wanted to meet someone. Obviously right, otherwise why would they come?

I say this because so many women come to me wanting to meet someone but they’re not prepared to do what it takes in order to meet someone different.

But these two women were. They were committed. They signed up for the 2.5 day Workshop and went all in.

They knew the investment in themselves (their time – a whole weekend and money) was a declaration to the Universe that they meant business.

And during the weekend they shed some layers. Some layers that they’d built up over their heart from previous failed relationships in order to protect themselves from getting hurt again.

Sounds like a good strategy right? Wrong.

These layers were stopping them having a genuine connection with anyone including themselves because they weren’t prepared to be vulnerable.

They didn’t want anyone to see the ‘weak’ side of them and this meant they had their guard up.

Energetically projecting this out, all they got back were guys who were emotionally unavailable.

But at the Workshop, they were willing to bring this guard down and allowed themselves to heal.

Heal and forgive.

Fast forward 3 months and these women (who continued working with me) have both met someone over the last 6 weeks using online dating.

So this begs the question, does online dating really work?

From what I can see, yes it does. BUT…..and there’s a big BUT here.

It only works if you’re feeling confident, open and willing to show someone who you really are. You’ve shed the layers that you’ve been keeping over your heart and begun the healing process.

As these two women both explained to me in our last call, they are experiencing a meaningful connection with someone for the first time in a long time.

And this connection is different.

Because they’re different.

If you want something different to show up ‘out there’ you have to be different ‘in here’.

Your internal world will be reflected by the people you attract, that you’re attracted to and the ones you choose.

So if I were to give you one piece of advice after observing hundreds of women online dating it would be this.

Only do it if it makes you feel good

If you continue to have the same experience that many women tell me they do like only meeting guys who want sex, or the one date wonder…

Then it could be time to give it a rest and start looking for your Soul-Mate inside. Have a love affair with YOUR soul first and then watch how quickly he shows up.

If you’d like some personal help from me in doing this, I’m looking for 10 women right now who are ready and committed to meeting ‘The One’.

If this sounds like you, why not apply for a complimentary call. It’s free after all and you might just get that gem you’ve been looking for!

Speak soon,

Sarah xo



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