Men & Money – Why One Leads To The Other

It’s become clear to me recently that Men & Money are connected. Get one right and you get the other.

They are both considered masculine and represent ‘Power’.

So it’s not a wonder that when you’re struggling with one, you’ll struggle with the other.

Your relationship with Men will be the same as your relationship with Money.

Think there’s not enough or when there is, it slips through your fingers and you can’t quite hold onto it?

Healing your relationship with Men will heal your relationship with Money.

Here’s how it works

  1. Your relationship with Men is a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself
  2. Your relationship with Money is a direct reflection of what you think you’re worth and how powerful you are
  3. Your relationship with Men & Money is a direct reflection of how you view the world and yourself i.e. there’s not enough, it’s always hard, I can’t get all my needs met, there’s not enough to go around etc..

For women, money is a reflection of our Power. Our internal power. And where does our internal power come from… our Masculine energy inside.

Masculine energy is us asserting ourselves. Speaking up, asking for what we want (in a relationship, at work etc..) not settling with being treated badly.

If you heal the reasons WHY you find it difficult to ask for what you want and become comfortable with the Powerful woman you are….

Guess what happens?

You’re self confidence improves, your energetic vibration shifts…you become more attractive, you’re not going to settle for bad behaviour and men feel that.

You start to ATTRACT a different calibre of man, one who appreciates you and treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

Because you started to believe you were WORTH it.

You started to treat yourself differently.

You started to put yourself first and stop being a doormat in relationships, with your family, your friends, in your job.

You decided to Own It.

To be Courageous rather than Conform.

If you have a strong sense of your worth, you will ask for what you want, say how much you deserve, not tolerate being treated badly and put yourself first.

Mantra: It’s safe to ask for what I want

Women have been persecuted throughout history for being courageous, speaking out, being different – even today in the workplace we are seen as pushy or aggressive if we speak up too much.

How can we own our worth if we’ve been conditioned, socialised and continue to have messages from our family and society that tell us to conform?

Courage is the answer.

It takes a brave woman to step forward and decide that she’s going to own her worth, be who she really is, speak up and make a difference in the world.

And when you do Men & Money show up as a direct reflection of what you now believe about yourself and the new energetic vibration that you’re on.

Bye Bye Scarcity – Hello Abundance!

No longer do you need to struggle with finding a MAN, in fact you see so many GOOD ones out there, you wonder where they’ve all been hiding.

Gone are the days where you worry about not having enough money. You manage your money like the powerful Queen you are and this attracts more easily.

Have fun with this!

Walking beside you,

With much love

Sarah xo



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