It’s a long walk when you’re not wearing the right shoes…

Today on my walk into the city to go to the dentist, it became apparent that I might have made a bad shoe choice.

In fact my whole outfit wasn’t quite suited to the climate (27 and humid) and I was wearing jeans and a short sleeve t-shirt (where was my summer dress?!). In any case, the sandals were newish and I had a sneaking suspicion they might be painful, but I really wanted to break them in (you know what I mean!). By the time I’d walked for 15 minutes though, I was starting to get a little blister and of course I was running late, so no time to nip in and get some band aids from the pharmacy!

What occurred to me though, was how the choice of shoes was affecting how I felt about the walk. I usually love walking into the city, it’s a beautiful walk that takes in the harbour, boats and the park and it usually feels like a pretty quick 25 minutes. Not this morning! I was wondering when it was going to be over, how much longer I’d have to suffer through it and how appealing laying in the dentist chair was sounding!

This also applies to other areas of my life, where my choice of shoes to wear (figuratively speaking), can really affect how I perceive a particular situation, or interaction with someone. This means that when I make different choices, I experience a different outcome from the same moment and have either a highly desirable experience, or potentially unpleasant one.

We all have the choice to create our lives in every moment of every day. So why not choose to enjoy it and make the most of it?! Think of a recent time where you could have chosen a different response to something for a better outcome and then utilise that learning tomorrow!


I bet you have a better day!



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