How To Get Past The First Date

Are you having trouble getting past the first date with guys?

You meet them online or perhaps just in a bar, cafe or at the gym and that first date goes soooo well.

You chat, it’s fun, you laugh, you walk away thinking ‘Wow we just spent 3 hours together and that was so great!’

And then he never calls. He never texts. He does a complete Houdini on you…Disappears like magic.

So what the hell happened?

Cause you’re left wondering ‘what’s wrong with me? Why didn’t he even bother calling or texting when we had such a good time?’

Well here’s the first thing to remember:

It’s not about you

His stuff is not about you.

You have no idea what’s going on in his world that would stop him from calling or reaching out.

Secondly, your worries and self doubt are sending out energetic vibrations that make him not chase you.

He’s knows you’re available so he doesn’t bother pursuing.

His instinctive hunting reflex hasn’t been activated for you.

And here’s why.

He has too much choice.

With the prevalence of online dating, men have so much choice and women are so readily available, they’ve become lazy.

So in order to stand out from the crowd, you need to position yourself differently and get him excited!

You can’t afford to have self doubt and low self confidence a moment longer.

Because this is energetically repelling him.

Men want women who know their worth and are a little bit unavailable, so they can pursue you. It’s in their nature. So go with it!

Energy attracts like energy.

Your level of self worth will attract the guys you’re getting and pre-determine how you feel about their actions.

So what’s the remedy?

1. Let Go

Let go of all expectations. Because these expectations are causing you to suffer. No expectations = no disappointment

2. Appreciate

Appreciate the great time you spent together, not what you could be missing out on in the future.

3. Focus On You

Actively work on increasing your self worth through personal growth

Self worth is a muscle that needs to be strengthened

And the more you strengthen it, the less reactive you are to others behaviour and the more attractive you become to Men. Win Win!

I’ve had 3 amazing success stories recently from women working in my intimate group coaching program who have all strengthened their self worth so much, they met a partner within 6 weeks! They’re having a meaningful connection and the guys are still chasing them!

That’s the power of self worth and being in a small group of supportive women.

I’m opening the doors right now to my Get Past The First Date Intimate Group Coaching Program.

I’m only offering 5 spots to women who are serious about getting past the first date and meeting ‘The One’. If this sounds like you, apply for a complimentary call to get all the details.

Can’t wait to speak to you soon!

With love

Sarah xo



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