3 months ago I decided to break up with my BIG LOVE Sean and move to another State.

It wasn’t a small decision.

I was packing up my whole life, leaving him behind and starting again.

Why did I do that you might be asking?

Because INSPIRATION had come knocking at my door and I couldn’t ignore it.

Although I still loved Sean, I felt that something was out of alignment in our relationship and it was causing us both to sabotage the amazing connection that we have.

So with a heavy HEART I followed my GUT and made the brave decision to break up with him (everyone thought I was CRAZY, including him).

Everyone (including Sean) thought we were about to get engaged and have a baby.

But the Universe had other plans for me in that moment.

The urge for Freedom and Space was so CLEAR that I had to go with it. I asked the Universe ‘where would you have me go, what would you have me do?’ and it dropped in loud and clear — “Melbourne.”

So that’s what I did. I found a new apartment, an office, made friends, networked, worked on my business intensely…

And in the process, I found MYSELF again – the relaxed, happy go lucky and light version of myself that I didn’t even realise I’d lost sight of.

During these 3 months Sean and I stayed in contact.

I just couldn’t go longer than about 2 weeks without finding some excuse to call him!

The pull of our HEARTS was SO strong that we’d speak for hours every time.

To my total surprise, as I was SHIFTING, GROWING and LETTING GO of the past, he was doing the same.

Although he was heart broken when I left, he bounced back quickly and began reflecting and getting the lessons he needed to learn from the relationship.

It was the SPACE that allowed us both to SHIFT so dramatically in such a short time.

So for 3 months Sean and I talked.

We talked about what hadn’t worked and why.

We shed the tears of anger and sadness letting the other know how much we’d been hurting based on the things that had happened.

And again to my total surprise, this actually brought us CLOSER together.

Our CONNECTION was deepening after every conversation despite how upset I felt at the time.

And this sparked my CURIOSITY for what could be.

So when I came back to Sydney last weekend to run a Soul-Mate Magnetism Workshop and Sean picked me up from the airport, It was like a flame reigniting.

And during the week we’ve spent together, the PULL has become so CLEAR that again I can’t ignore it.

But – the week hasn’t been without it’s doubts for us both.

Primarily, when either of us allows our old friend FEAR to get in the way and buy into an old story or create a new one about the future.

That’s when I asked my Dad (Psychologist, Mentor & Meditation Teacher) for some advice about what I could use as my guiding principle for assessing this relationship.

He said two things:

Follow Your Heart

– your heart always knows, so quiet the mind and hear the guidance of your heart

Is it Compelling?

– the ‘right’ relationship will appear SO compelling that everything else will fade away into the background

So I asked myself these questions – If I followed my heart, what would I do? And the answer was without a doubt…GO ALL IN!

The second question – Is it SO Compelling? And again the answer – YES.

It’s so compelling that when we’re together, nothing else matters.

My business fades into the background (which is incredible, given I haven’t been able to tear myself away from it day or night for 3 months).

As do all the voices of my friends and family that are cautioning me about the relationship because they don’t want to see me get hurt again.

BUT the only reason I could EVER get hurt is if I don’t do the above two things.

If I don’t follow my heart and if I don’t have SUCH a compelling reason to be with that person that nothing else matters.

If I do what I think I SHOULD do, what other people tell me to do or what the model of society says my life SHOULD look like…then I’ll end up hurting.

So my dear reader, if you have come this far, then please hear this:

Follow Your Heart

Grab Inspiration When It Comes Knocking

Trust That The Timing Is Always Perfect

Go With Your Curiosity

If It’s SO Compelling That You Can’t Live Without Them…

Then allow the Connection to unfold and flourish.

Be brave and don’t let anyone tell you what’s right for you. Only YOU know that.

If you need more help with this, Click Here and I’ll walk you through it step by step.

With loving kindness,

Sarah xo



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