Do you ever notice that what you wear actually affects how you feel about yourself?

Today, when I decided to run some errands in the local area…

I was just going to go out in my comfortable house clothes i.e. 3/4 genie pants and a tshirt.
And then I thought to myself, now hang on, is that really the way I want to present myself when I step out of the house. Probably not, as I might hand out some business cards at a few local places and talk to some people. So I decided to wear a pretty summer dress instead, it’s warm outside and feels like a humid summer’s day, so why not?!

The result of making this small change to my outfit was quite interesting. I didn’t hand out any business cards, in fact one place I had in mind was closed and the other didn’t have anywhere to even put cards! But I did feel better about myself as soon as I walked out the door. I was feeling more confident and relaxed and even a bit sexy! And it was all perfect, as I ended up going to a local bar for a couple of drinks with my step brother after I’d run the errands and I felt great about it! If that same scenario had cropped up though, where someone had asked me for a drink and I wasn’t feeling good about myself or wearing daggy house clothes, I might have even said no, even if I actually wanted to go.

What I realised from this, is that a small change in how you choose to literally ‘show up’ each day or at different times during each day, can really set a course for how you experience it and the things that can and do happen.


Mindfully making choices each day is the key to a better experience.


Sarah has helped me immensely in both work & life, she has an amazing way of getting to the core of an issue. I really do feel as if I made some huge shifts as a result of our time together – I cannot recommend her highly enough!



Sarah has been instrumental in helping me to find happiness and structure in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to fulfil their potential. I will be forever grateful that Sarah has helped me become a better person.



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