3 Common Online Dating Mistakes That Block Mr Right

Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll be ahead of the game

Getting past that critical first date is key to moving onto the next level and this starts with how you’ve crafted your profile.


Having the right profile attracts the right type of man!

What you put out, you will get back. So the impression you’re giving online is going to resonate with a particular type of man. If you’re not meeting the ‘right’ kind of men, consider what you’re putting out.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to KNOW YOURSELF – Men are attracted to Confident women who know themselves at a deep level.


Men are Visual. They are just hard wired this way, just the same as women are emotional. As much as we may not like it, that’s just how it is. So it’s smart to construct your online dating profile to take advantage of this.

Put your best foot forward and consider your profile like your online CV. You wouldn’t send a prospective employer a crappy looking CV with only half the details. You would spend time and energy on it, making it your best work, so you can get an interview and impress them face to face.

Online Dating is just the same!

So follow these guidelines and watch your Success Rate Sky Rocket.

Do This

1. Include recent photos that showcase you in the light you want men to see you
2. Create consistency with your photos – what image do you want to paint?

Don’t Do This

1. Misrepresent yourself in any way
2. Use old photos or ones that don’t look like you anymore – you’re setting yourself up for rejection if there is a big difference
3. Put photos up with more than one person in it or with you in a group. Anyone looking at your photo won’t know who you are


Have you completed it? This might seem obvious, but so many women don’t even bother doing it and guys who are looking for a relationship read them. Trust me, men have told me this!

What is unique about you? Are you artistic, creative, musical, do you like calligraphy, horse riding, quantum physics?

Know this, write it down, talk about it, include it in your profile.

Craft your profile for the kind of guy you want to attract. This means you actually need to know yourself and who you’re looking for.

One way to think about this is to look at the dates and relationships that haven’t worked for you and list the reasons why. Then flip that around and write a list of the opposite i.e. what WILL work for you. Then focus on that!

Walking beside you,

With love

Sarah xo



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