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Your wellbeing requires an understanding and integration of the Four Pillars of Health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And you’re unique, so you  require a particular prescription that takes your specific circumstances into account. This is where one on one Coaching comes in.

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This program is perfect for you if:

You’ve tried numerous diets, exercise programs or therapists and found nothing really worked.

You seem to attract the same experiences over and over.

You’re lacking clarity and direction about where to next and want a clear roadmap to get you there.

You want more body confidence, self belief and motivation to keep you on track.

You’re looking for more meaning in life, relationships and an overall purpose.

You feel like you’re trying everything you can to improve yourself but nothing seems to stick.

Want your own personalised WELLBEING Roadmap?

Let’s have a chat about whether this program is right for you.

Get ready to learn how to:

Set a 90 Day Goal that is easily achievable with weekly action plans to get you there.

Manage your mindset with powerful tools and techniques that will shift you into a positive gear, eliminating that inner critic.

Uncover your hidden fears that are keeping the ideal version of you just out of reach.

Replace your negative self talk that is lowering your vibe and keeping you stuck.

Gain clarity about your core wellbeing needs and how to fulfil them.

Heal and integrate using the 4 Pillars of Health.

PRIVATE COACHING 12 weeks | 6 sessions



Goal Setting

Let’s find your ‘Leverage Point’. This is the one area of your life that will have a ripple effect on all others. Once we identify this, we’ll develop your Vision for that area and get you crystal clear on the positive changes you’re going to make and importantly – HOW you’re going to achieve them. This is your Blueprint for the next 90 days. Each fortnight we’ll be reviewing this and creating a weekly action plan to keep you on track.



Lifestyle Review

It’s time to look a little more closely at a few keys areas of your health: Diet, Exercise, Stress & Sleep. These are crucial ingredients for your wellbeing and it’s important to understand how your habits in these areas are affecting you and where you can begin to make some changes. In order for you to achieve your 90 Day Goal, your daily habits or patterns will need to be aligned. If they’re not, it’s going to be near impossible for you to be successful. But don’t worry if they’re not, we’ll work together to get you back on track.



Managing Your Mind

This is a biggie! Your thoughts about yourself can either propel you forward or keep you stuck. So we’ll be taking a deep dive into what thoughts are running the show for you. It’s likely the same ones comes up over and over and are possibly quite negative. Together we’ll shine the light on these and get you rewiring your brain with positivity instead. This won’t be an overnight process, but with consistency, you can absolutely change how you feel by changing your thoughts about yourself. You’ll be moving towards loving kindness and compassion and away from judgment and criticism. Expect to feel lighter and free after these sessions.



Moving forward

At this point, you’ll have been in a nice new routine for a couple of months and will be feeling pretty happy with yourself! Your level of self awareness will be through the roof and you’ll have a whole new skill set to draw on. In this last session, we’ll be reviewing how far you’ve come and what your next steps are going to be to ensure you stay on track. Some people opt to have a monthly session going forward to support them in this transition to implementing further behaviour changes that will be sustainable and elevate their wellbeing to the next level.




These spiritually based transformational exercises will allow you to put into practice the information you are learning. You’ll have new insights into yourself and be motivated to move forward towards lasting change.



To fully embrace the concepts of living a brave life, the most important elements have been captured along with exercises for you to continue your transformation at your own pace. 



Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a beginner, you’ll use this incredible tool to enhance your wellbeing on a daily basis. We’ll be diving deep into Mindfulness based meditation to ensure you have a calm and peaceful mind.


Begin by booking your free introductory call below. We’ll chat about whether Health & Wellness Coaching is the right step for you at the moment and go through all the details.

If it feels right, we’ll discuss your tailored program and get started when you’re ready.

I’ve been to a number of counsellors over the years, but nothing really helped with changing how I felt. Sarah focused on finding the root cause and clearing the link between the memory and the emotional attachment. Changed my life in every way. ANNEMAREE, SYDNEY

Before I met Sarah I was not true to myself. She helped me focus on the things that really matter, making deeper and more meaningful connections with people, and helped me love myself. Sarah is truly life changing! REENAL, SYDNEY


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