Why the BIG Loves are so important

As I sat on the plane from Sydney to Melbourne last night (after deciding to make the big move down south), I said goodbye to my BIG Love.

And in that moment I was reminded of how hard it is….

How hard it is to say goodbye.

There’s nothing easy about having a big love.

It’s usually heaps of fun, but challenging at times because you’re so heavily invested in the outcome. Then incredibly difficult to say goodbye.

So WHY did I do it?

I followed my heart.

And my heart was literally aching for months before I made this decision. The muscles surrounding my heart, my pericardium were trying to tell me something and I wasn’t listening.

My soul was screaming for a change and I wasn’t taking action. It was calling me to something bigger because I was playing too small.

So in true Sarah style (cause I don’t do things by halves), I had a massive wake up call a month ago which I couldn’t ignore. It was like someone sitting opposite me screaming across the table to listen.

So I did…I listened.

To what I knew was right in my heart of hearts even though my mind was telling me something else.

My mind was attached to the familiar person I had become accustomed to over the last 4 years. And it was not appreciating the fact that I was considering a change.

My heart was calling me to a new adventure.

What that was going to look like, I wasn’t sure. Where it was going to take place, I didn’t know.

But I knew that Sean and I were at different stages on our journey.

We had been walking side by side over the last few years teaching each other valuable lessons.

Supporting each other during tough times and learning to really love on a level that neither of us had experienced before.

So what’s the problem you might be wondering…

Here’s the thing.

I am a firm believer that people come into our lives at the perfect time to teach us exactly what we need to learn. And they may stay a long time or a short time.

If we’re a smart cookie, we’ll lap up the lessons like they were our first gulp of water on a hot summers day. And as a fast learner that means we get to move onto the next lesson.

Whether that same person can teach you that next lesson is a different story though.

And in my case, I could see clearly that Sean and I needed to go on our journey without each other to get the next lesson. Otherwise we’d hold each other back.

Now let me tell you that is not an easy decision to make.

Having this level of awareness doesn’t make it any easier. In fact ignorance is bliss. You don’t know what you don’t know!

But once you know, you can’t un-know. And once you see you can’t un-see.

So then you’re in a pickle. Do I stay with this person who I love or do I move onto the next stage of my journey on my own?

Am I brave enough to feel the fear of uncertainty and do it anyway?

In my case, YES I AM.

I prefer to run towards my fears rather than shying away from them.

If it’s hard or scary, then I tell myself that’s even more reason to do it!

To conquer that.

I know that growth only occurs outside my comfort zone.

I’ve adopted a model of continuous improvement. In myself.

To be the very best version of myself so that I can have the biggest impact possible on other people’s lives.

And if my partner doesn’t share the same vision or isn’t at the same place in their journey, then it causes a misalignment with our energy.

We must be aligned with our highest intention in order to have the most successful relationship. Because if we don’t then our vibrations don’t match and it causes problems.

You’re heading in one direction and they’re heading in another.

And so was the story of Sarah and Sean. As we grew together, we also grew further apart.

Does that mean he wasn’t my soul-mate? No.

Because I know we can have many soul mates. And I’ve had several already!

Our true energy as a human being is pure love. Which means we can have a loving connection with anyone we choose to.

If we are fully connected to our true nature.

And in order to be the truest version of myself, I had to make a tough call.

I consider this to be Living and Practicing a Brave Life. Doing what’s right for your soul even when it’s hard.

With love,

Sarah xo



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