Are you using a gap filler?

I totally get it!

I’ve been having so many conversations with women lately who want to finally feel good about being in their own skin.

This one is massive. It affects how we operate in the world from the moment we wake up.

Because we’re thinking about it all the time right? We notice how flat our stomach is, how we look in our gym pants and whether anyone can see any rolls when we sit down!

If we’re not feeling great, we look in our wardrobe in the morning and have trouble deciding what to wear. So when we finally walk out the door we’re not ecstatic about going into work that day.

And this cycle continues like a domino effect… our confidence goes down, we feel tired, less inclined to want to eat well and exercise (even though we know this will make us feel better).

Knock knock love life! We either don’t want to socialise so much because we don’t like how we look or if we’re in a relationship we’re not being as affectionate towards our partner because we’re not feeling like hot stuff!

So we convince ourselves that eating that chocolate (or some other type of gap filler) will make us feel better. And it does…momentarily.

Sound familiar?

Well it did to me for years… And I mean years!

Until I finally figured out how to break the cycle. I started with asking myself a few crucial questions.

What is really going on for me right now? What area in my life am I honestly feeling unsatisfied with or unfulfilled in? Am I using food to fill this gap?

And once I identified the gap, then I could focus my attention on that area of my life and take actual steps to make it better.

So do yourself a favour. Start by asking yourself the questions above and begin to take some steps towards where you really want to be.

Taking action is what gives us confidence, so you’ll be less inclined to need those gap fillers.

Because now is the time. Now is the ONLY time! Your past has already happened and your future doesn’t exist yet.

So go forth. Be Bold. Be Brave and Be Free.


You deserve it!



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