Are you ignoring the signs

Have you ever noticed…

…that when something big is going down in your life, you somehow end up getting sick? And it’s usually because you’ve been ignoring the signs… Well this happened to me this week! After an amazing 12 day meditation retreat, I jumped straight back into work and a week later, bang! Totally exhausted.Now this shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise, as I’ve been a very busy bee this year and meditating that intensively requires significant integration afterwards, which I didn’t allow myself. So my body stepped in to give me the not so subtle signs I was obviously ignoring! Luckily I’ve flown down to Hobart for a quick break to rest and recover.

I’m wondering though…

What do you do to force yourself to have a break when you’ve been ignoring the signs? Do you get sick, feel fatigued, cancel all your social engagements… Wouldn’t it be great if we actually listened a little harder and allowed ourselves the time and mental space to integrate all the things going in our lives.

So here are my Top 3 Tips for hearing and listening to the signs:
  1. When you start to feel tired, slow down!
  2. If you begin to get sick, ask yourself: Am I pushing too hard or am I trying to avoid something? This can be a very effective form of self-sabotage.
  3. Be kind to yourself.

Words are so powerful, they can actually make you sick. Lastly, relax the mind as often as possible, as this will relax your body.And put a date in your diary to do something fun!



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