Always so well intentioned…

Ever noticed that when you set goals at the beginning of the year you always have the greatest of intentions?
And then life starts again and you seem to fall back into the same routine after just a couple of months…

So by now you’re wondering how you got back here?

It is possible that you’ve gotten into some bad habits. And these habits are hard to break! Because our thought patterns and behaviours can become so ingrained, they actually become stories that we continue to say over and over again – bit like a broken record.

But do you know what your stories are? Have you uncovered what’s really driving that behaviour in the first place? Or are you simply doing the same things but with the best of intentions!

I call this the merry go round to ‘same same’. It’s an ordinary day in an ordinary world where things continue to be same same. But how do you get off?

Well you need to decide first and foremost that you really want to get off! You want more than just an ordinary world, because you’re not ordinary. You’re amazing, but you’re hiding that from the world. So once you make that commitment to yourself, then:

You need to do something different if you want something different!

Ask yourself this… If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

NOW is the best time to create change, establish new habits and set yourself up for an extraordinary life. Because now is all you have. The past has already happened and your future doesn’t exist yet, so what do you have? This moment right now!

Imagine where you’ll be in 3 month’s time if you started today?

How much closer will you be to living your desired life or achieving that goal if you took action today?

I bet you’ve done this before though, made a decision, given it a go but for some reason the wheels were spinning but you didn’t get any traction…

How long has this been a pattern for you? A long time I’m guessing! So what’s going to be different this time?

Well this time you can change your mindset. You can start by changing how you think. All change begins with awareness, so now that you’re aware of the pattern, you can begin to change it!As with every change though, resistance is normal, as are setbacks, so don’t beat yourself up. Because if you shift your mindset, you can shift your world!

And all it takes is 90 days. In 90 days everything can change. Your body, your finances, your health, everything.

Ever noticed that in Pilates they always talk about having a new body in 90 days if you do the classes consistently?

It’s because you’re creating momentum. And momentum brings more momentum. So what can you start today?

Because your life is not a dress rehearsal, so what are you waiting for!

Dream big and don’t play small!

There is only ever and will only ever be one YOU. No one has what you have, no one can bring the gifts that you can.



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