OPENNESS + SHARING = CONNECTION. This is what it takes to live a brave life with happy, healthy relationships.

It took me many years with plenty of ups and downs to figure out how to ‘relate’ to myself and others successfully. Having now established a deep soul connection with myself, all other relationships have become more easeful. This is my hope for you…


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Have you ever thought your life would be perfect if you could just find that ‘Perfect’ match? That relationship with your Soul-Mate would fill every gap in your life and finally you’d be happy…

This was me.

Believing that all the answers to my happiness were ‘out there’. In the perfect Partner, the perfect Job, the perfect House….the perfect, perfect, perfect.

And when I had all these ‘Perfect’ elements… THEN I’d be happy. Trouble was I had all those things by the time I was 30 and I still wasn’t happy, so what the hell was going on I asked myself.

I was working my way up the corporate ladder in financial services marketing, which I’d been doing for over 10 years; I was married to a nice man, had a lovely house, a cute dog, good friends etc.. 

I felt like I’d ticked all the boxes.

But this was the problem….life is not a series of boxes to be ticked. It is an ocean to be surfed and I wasn’t good at riding those ups and downs. I was rigid in my ways, judgmental and critical of myself, working in an area I wasn’t passionate about, living a life I thought I ‘should’.  

And then I had a giant wake up call.

It came like a smack in the face when my husband and I suddenly split up. 

It rocked my world as I didn’t see it coming. 

When I finally pulled myself back together, I realised it was time to stop looking outside of myself for happiness and look inside instead. I decided to get ‘really good’ at relationships because clearly I sucked at them (so I told myself!). 

And since that time, I’ve dedicated every day to understanding relationship dynamics and human connection. I’ve spent years studying, relating, experiencing and working with clients around the world to understand how to successfully relate to ones self and others. I’ve been blessed to have studied with the world’s best and feel privileged to share that knowledge and my own insights with others.

Plus I made a few other changes along the way too… my career, lifestyle, friends, you name it, I did it. I re-prioritised for what was really important.     


and I realised it takes a lot of courage to have successful relationships because you have to keep showing up


I would ask you, what else is more important than having meaningful fulfilling relationships with people you love? This is what gives your life meaning. It’s not money, fame or success. They’re just temporary. It’s the people that make life rich. 



My coaching is for people who are ready for a different kind of relationship with themselves and others. I’m passionate about helping you unlearn your old ways and reprogram your mind for new possibilities. This is not an overnight process. You’ve spent a lifetime conditioning your mind to get you to where you are now, so it’s going to take a consistent effort to rewire your self-sabotaging programs and unresourceful behaviours. Let’s reconnect you with your true self. The one you’ve been constantly disconnected from and avoiding. Only by reacquainting yourself with yourself, like you would an old friend, will you truly experience the calm, peace and happiness you seek. Once you’ve re-established this relationship with yourself, your vibration will shift and you’ll spontaneously attract different experiences. Here’s some of what we’ll work on: 

Creating ‘ME’ Space

Discovering Love Frequencies

Friending Yourself

Overcoming Love Fears

Mind Mastery Meditation

Rebalancing your energy


You’ll learn how to be brave and step into your true self. The self that knows exactly how to relate successfully. You’ll free yourself from negative stories of past experiences that are holding you back from being vulnerable and instead you’ll be armed with an inner tool kit that will keep you feeling safe no matter what happens. From this vantage point you’ll be free to express yourself in a way that cultivates honesty and connection. Any old feelings of not being good enough will start to melt away as you realign and attune yourself to a new frequency. Can you imagine how your life is going to be different without all that negative chatter weighing you down. Allow me to be your guide in taking those bold steps that I’ve personally travelled. You will be seen, heard and understood on your journey to living a brave life.


Learn the 7 Step Soul-Mate Attraction Formula and reveal your hidden love fears that stop you from finding ‘the one’. 

Within just 6 weeks of working with Sarah, I was in a meaningful relationship for the first time in years.

Physically my body has also changed. My body image issues have gone and I’ve lost 4 kilos without really trying!

Sarah really has a special gift.

Allison, Australia

I can honestly say with all of my heart that Sarah has changed my life. I don’t have the negative self-talk or negative stories running through my head like they used to.

My friends and family have commented on the positive changes they’ve seen in me and I feel like I’m now living the life that I am meant to.

Alexandra, Australia


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