I totally understand,

I’ve been there. It sucks, and I know it takes a lot of guts to even admit you’re not where you want to be


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Have you ever thought your life would be perfect if you could just find that ‘Perfect’ match? That relationship with your Soul-Mate would fill every gap in your life and finally you’ll be happy.

This was me.

I used to believe that all the answers to my happiness were ‘out there’. In the perfect Partner, the perfect Job, the perfect House….the perfect, perfect, perfect….

And when I had all these ‘Perfect’ elements… THEN I’d be happy. Trouble was I had all those things by the time I was 30 and I still wasn’t happy, so what the hell was going on?

I was missing a giant piece of the puzzle.

And unfortunately, sometimes we have to learn the biggest lessons the hard way. Mine came like a smack in the face when my husband and I suddenly split up.

It rocked my world.

So when I finally pulled myself back together, I realised I better stop looking outside of myself for all the answers and look inside instead.

Through countless hours/days/weeks/months of self enquiry, meditation and working with some great teachers, I finally found the missing links within myself.

I realised there’s more to relationships than just falling in love, that my happiness can never be fulfilled entirely by someone or something else and if I truly wanted to be ‘happy’, I would need to show myself the love that I thought was missing ‘out there’.

Then guess what happened?

Everything I ever wanted appeared and got mirrored to me ‘out there’. It was manifestation in action.


My coaching is for women who are Ready To ‘Call In The One’ Now. I’m passionate about helping you let go of the past and shift you into ‘Your Maximum Attraction Zone’. My program will move you from stuck, unhappy and frustrated to confident, glowing and sexy! You’ll have access to my complete system which has allowed me to never use internet dating and never be single (unless I’ve chosen to). I come from a family of Psychologists and have studied with the world’s best (like my meditation teacher from Harvard), so you don’t have to. I’ve compiled everything into an easy to follow system which gets results.

Create ‘ME’ Space

Discover Love Frequencies

Follow Your Love Compass

Overcome Love Fears

Tame The Elephant Within

Unlock Your Inner Goddess


You’ll learn how to get rid of that negative voice inside that keeps telling you there must be something wrong with you. You’ll be free from the beliefs that you’re not good enough and that it will never happen for you. Imagine how your life is going to be different without all that negative chatter weighing you down. Allow me to be your guide in taking those bold steps that I’ve personally travelled to create Love in my life.


Learn the 7 Step Formula for attracting your Soul-Mate. Reveal your hidden love fears that stop you from finding true love and rebalance your feminine and masculine energy, to stop repelling Mr Right.

Within just 6 weeks of working with Sarah, I was in a meaningful relationship for the first time in years.

Physically my body has also changed. My body image issues have gone and I’ve lost 4 kilos without really trying!

Sarah really has a special gift.

Allison McCann

I can honestly say with all of my heart that Sarah has changed my life. I don’t have the negative self-talk or negative stories running through my head like they used to.

My friends and family have commented on the positive changes they’ve seen in me and I feel like I’m now living the life that I am meant to.

Alexandra Marks

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