4 Guys In 4 Weeks

Let me introduce you to Michelle.

Michelle recently moved to London and has been single for nearly 2 years. In fact, in her previous city, she hadn’t dated for about 12 months.

So when Michelle was referred to me by a friend (who had also met someone after we worked together), she was fed up with being single. She really just wanted to settle down and have kids.

But the problem was she only ever met emotionally unavailable, non-committal men.

And the few long term relationships she had, she’d fallen hard. So she didn’t want to get hurt again.

This left Michelle feeling incredibly frustrated and helpless. Like she couldn’t control what was happening.

Until she met me.

That’s when things started to change.

From the moment we began, Michelle made a commitment to herself and to me that she would show up fully and do whatever it took.

After all, she was the only common denominator in all her previous relationships, so if anything needed to change, she knew it was her.

As a sign of her commitment, we do our sessions at 6am (this is also due to time zones) but she is always on time and fully present.

She listens to the videos every day, reflects on what we’ve discussed, implements the steps each day and completes the exercises like her life depends on it.

Because for her this is a Priority. She wants to meet that man that sweeps her off her feet.

And guess what’s happened in the last 4 weeks?

4 guys have shown up.

Some new, some old, some crossing the road to speak to her or tracking down a friend to get her number.

Now what’s happened over the last 4 weeks to enable Michelle to move from lonely ville (not dating anyone for 15 months) to popular town and having guys literally seeking her out?

She’s energetically moved into what I call her ‘Maximum Attraction Zone’.

This is where like magnets, men are attracted to your energetic vibration.

And she’s moved into this Zone by doing

3 Specific Actions

1. She decided to show up for herself

She committed 100% – with skin in the game, investing time, money and energy into herself.

This attitude acts like a direct signal to the Universe that you mean business.

And you are not prepared to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

You know your life is worth it and you’re prepared to do whatever it takes. Not just try, but Do Whatever It Takes.

2. She was willing to let go of the past

To let go of those old stories that had long held emotions tied up in them that continued on repeat in her mind and blocked her from meeting anyone different.

3. She’s doing the work

That means the internal work that is required to rewire her mind – Every Day. And with this comes an increased level of self awareness, self confidence and self worth.

You see it’s the small decisions we make each day that make up the outcomes we get.

It’s consistency, courage and compassion for ourselves that allows us to change and meet ‘The One’.

For Michelle, she knows she’s on the right track now, heading in the right direction with a clear path of how she’s going to get there.

So inevitably she will. Just by taking the small steps each day and having a guide to keep her on track.

If you’re wondering why you’re not meeting Mr Right, apply for a complimentary call.

Like the mind detective I am, I’ll unravel your mystery and explain exactly what’s going on and how to change it. No B.S. just straight to the point, cause who has time to waste?!

Speak soon

Sarah xo



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