Nov 25, 2016

The 4 Date Sequence To Get Him Hooked

Have you ever been on a ‘one date wonder’?

You had such a great time together, spent hours talking but never heard from him again?

Or maybe you slept together on the first date because there was soooo much chemistry (plus you had a couple of wines) and then crickets after that?

And you’re left thinking…

“but we had such a great time, why hasn’t he called me?”

So here’s what’s happened…

you lost the ‘Curiosity Factor’

You revealed too much too early or got physical too soon and there’s nothing left for him to work towards.
Men love goals you see!

So if you take away the curiosity too soon, they lose interest.

Here is a sure fire way to maintain his interest in the crucial ‘first dates’ stage:

Date 1 – Build Rapport

– You decide if you ‘like’ him as a friend
– Quick coffee is good
– Keep the conversation light
– You both pay
– Don’t reveal too much and don’t talk about your past yet
– Stay present and be yourself
– No physical contact
– Let him talk about himself and see if he asks about you. If he doesn’t, then don’t bother seeing him again

Date 2 – Activity

– Go for a long walk, kayaking, play pool…whatever. Just something active that you’re both interested in
– No movies or solitary activities
– Both pay if money is required
– You’re looking to get to know him, what’s important to him, what he values and enjoys
– Notice if you feel safe being in his company while doing something active
– No past talk or physical yet. Stay in the friend zone
– If all feels good, then progress to the next date

Date 3 – Romance

– Go for dinner and see how you feel eating with him
– Let him pay
– Allow him to romance you
– No sex yet (though kissing is fine)
– Don’t drink too much, so you still have self control

Date 4 – Shopping

– Go and buy food, clothes, furniture….whatever
– Looking for him to understand you and feel like he gets you
– If you can’t shop together, you definitely can’t be in a relationship!

After these 4 dates, you’re going to have a clear picture of whether he’s someone that you want to spend more time with. If he is, then allow the relationship to unfold naturally.
If he’s into you, the curiosity factor will still be high and he’s happy to wait for sex.

Keep in mind though

…Sex Does Not Equal Love

Men do not view sex in the same way women do. Men can have sex and feel absolutely nothing. Women can not.

So be very careful who you choose to mix your energy with as your heart will get involved as soon as you go there, but his may not.

Choose wisely!

With love,

Sarah xo

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