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3 Ways To Crack The Man Code

Being able to resonate with a man as soon as you meet him means you’re immediately going to stand out.

With competition heating up in the dating world, you NEED to know how to get on a man’s frequency right at the beginning of a date.

You want to know exactly how to speak to him, how to tune in to where he’s at, so he can feel a CONNECTION with you.

This is what sparks a man’s attention.

If you’re on a date and YOU can create a connection because you’re tuned into his frequency, you’re resonating with where he’s at, the likelihood is, that’s going to mean a successful date.

And that successful date, leads to the next one and the next one and then before you know it, Boom, you’re in a relationship!

All because you learnt How To Crack The Man Code.

How to get on men’s frequency

1. Understand that he operates on a different vibration

Their frequency even sounds different. If you listen when women talk our tonality and our pitch is much higher. When men speak, they sound a bit lower. Hence most men don’t really enjoy the high pitched small talk as much as women do, because it can just sort of sound like white background noise.

Make an effort not to fill any gaps in the conversation with meaningless chatter. Talk to him about things that are engaging, interesting and that matter to you. Perhaps what you feel passionate about, that’s relevant to you. It’s not just meaningless small talk, chit chat, that you might have with your girlfriends.

2. Understand his tonality

This is his tone of voice which is usually lower than women’s, so when you’re speaking to a man, it’s really important that you actually lower your tone of voice as well, so that you can adjust to his frequency.

Why do this? Because when we feel familiar and comfortable that’s usually when we resonate. So for men, what’s familiar to them is a lower tone of voice. So just adjust your tone a touch. It’s different to the way you might talk to your girlfriends, just take it down a few notches and see if you can talk to him on that level during the conversation.

3. Understand His Pace

The liklihood is, it’s slower than yours. Generally, men they don’t talk about a million things all at once with hand gestures, speaking so fast and getting really worked up like women do! Usually, men are a bit more relaxed. You might find, when you observe them communicating with each other, it’s pretty chilled out.

So if you’re on a date, you want to be pretty chilled too. Try to tone it down a few notches and just slow down the pace. You don’t need to run at a million miles an hour. In fact, speaking slower will help you calm any nerves. You’ll take in more breath and have more time to engage him, listen and smile – all those little things that are going to help you to have a connection.

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With love

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