10 Daily Rituals For Man-ifestation

Over the last month during my time in Melbourne (my new home), I’ve had dozens of calls with women from all over the world about why they haven’t met their Soul-Mate.

They’ve told me how they end up as the ‘other woman’, meet men who don’t want to commit but end up marrying someone else, get into a relationship thinking that it’s going to be different – only to find that the same issues arise.

And are left wondering ‘What Is Wrong With Me?’ ‘Why Do I Keep Attracting The Same Men?’

Amazingly these seemingly different stories all have a common theme.

A lack of self worth

This lacking means they don’t feel like there’s enough to go around.

Not enough love, enough money or enough time.

Because this lacking mindset has set in, they feel jealous, angry or resentful about others happiness.

Weddings, baby showers and or seeing a happy couple on the street is enough to incite these feelings.

They desperately want to be free of these emotions but can’t seem to shift them because their desire for their own happy relationship is so strong.

So if I may (after helping hundreds of women increase their self worth) suggest a Daily Ritual that will assist you in making this subtle but significant shift.

From Scarcity to Abundance:

1. Leave judgement at the door – quit focusing on everyone else and start focusing on what restores, nourishes and enhances your every day life.
2. Create Space – mentally, emotionally and physically. We must have the space first in order for someone new to fill it or simply have new thoughts and experiences come in.
3. Be mindful of your thoughts – your thoughts are energy and energy attracts like energy. So be careful what negative self talk you’re having or are thinking about others.
4. Confidence is King – practice ‘Acting As If’ you were already the confident, worthy woman you desire to be.
5. Cultivate Self-Connection – When we’re disconnected from ourselves we feel seperate, like we don’t belong and that we’re different. I cultivate self connection by meditating, sitting quietly in reflection and journalling.
6. Practice connecting with others – Sharing + Openness = Connection. We all desire connection but if we don’t practice it, we can become closed, guarded and defensive. This lowers our energetic vibration.
7. Give love to receive it – This starts with you – ask this Question ‘what is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now.’ It could be your thoughts, words or actions.
8. Let go of the past – actively stop replaying the stories from the past. That’s all they are now. Just Stories. If you want to continue being a great story teller, then make up a new one about how you’ve created something incredible in your life. Focus on that instead.
9. No more Should’s – Erase this word from your vocabulary immediately (if not sooner!). These ‘Should’s’ (I should be thinner, prettier, make more money, have a partner etc..) keep your self worth low and block you energetically from having what you want.
10. Show appreciation – gratitude allows us to receive more, so search for at least 3 things to be grateful for daily. Even if you don’t find anything, science tells us it’s the searching that matters!

If you find that you’re already implementing (and be honest here, you’re actually already doing these daily) but still can’t get results, it’s possible you have a subconscious blocker that is holding you back.

Or if you’re finding that you really want to do these things, but for some reason keep sabotaging your best intentions, then it’s possible you have a subconscious blocker stopping you.

Sounds like you? Then book a complimentary call with me and like the mind detective that I am, I’ll unravel your mystery and tell you exactly what’s going on and how to change it.

Speak soon!

Sarah xo



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